Iloilo Artist Sells Masterpieces On The Street For His Wife’s Medication

This street in Jaro, Iloilo City was turned into an outdoor gallery by this artist named Larry Casinao, who sells his paintings and artworks in a bid to earn funds for his wife’s medication.

Photos of the old man and his paintings placed on a street wall recently went viral for the great story behind all his artworks. Lolo Larry was photographed by a concerned netizen named Sal Molinos, who was greatly touched by the artist’s noble cause.

Photo Credit: Larry Casinao | Facebook

According to Molinos Facebook post, he and his friend were on their way home when they passed by the paintings of Lolo Larry.

“On our way home, I saw this lolo who is busy painting with a lot of other paintings displayed along the sidewalk. It’s sad to see a local artist not having a proper venue to showcase his art and talent.”

It can be seen in one of the photos that Lolo Larry is still finishing one of his masterpieces at the sidewalk.

When they’re given the chance to talk with him, the old artist said that he is doing this to raise funds for his wife, who has been undergoing medication.

But since he doesn’t have a proper place or shop to display his artworks, he chose and risked to showcase his works for sale on the street of Jaro Plaza in Iloilo, so that he can help send his wife on a twice-a-week dialysis session.

Aside from his paintings, Lolo Larry also offers artworks like charcoal, portraits, and caricature paintings at reasonable prices.

The concerned netizen also appealed for more support for Lolo Larry, who is taking care and financing his sick wife.

Photo Credit: Larry Casinao | Facebook

“If you know someone who is willing to extend help and buy his masterpieces, don’t hesitate to message him on his FB account. Let’s make things possible for Sir Larry!” he wrote.

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Source: virtualpinoy